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Java Developer


Here's who I am & what I do

Sami is a Java developer with 14 years' experience in designing and maintaining complex software applications, delivering high-quality code that meets business requirements.

Sami is a skilled Java developer with 14 years  of experience designing, developing, and maintaining complex software applications. With a solid foundation in object-oriented programming principles, he has a proven track record of delivering high-quality code that meets business requirements and exceeds user expectations.


  • Developed and implemented scalable Java applications using Spring Framework, Hibernate, and RESTful web services, resulting in improved performance and increased customer satisfaction. For example, built an e-commerce platform that processed over 100,000 transactions per day with minimal downtime.

  • Designed and maintained high-availability, fault-tolerant systems using Java and distributed computing technologies such as Apache Kafka and Apache Zookeeper. For instance, implemented a real-time data processing pipeline that handled millions of events per day and provided insights to the business in near real-time.

  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to build complex, data-driven applications using Java, Big Data technologies, and machine learning algorithms. One example is developing a recommendation engine that increased customer engagement and revenue by 30%.

  • Created and maintained microservices architecture using Java, Docker, and Kubernetes, leading to improved scalability, faster deployment, and lower infrastructure costs. For example, designed and deployed a microservices-based application that handled over a million requests per day with minimal downtime and reduced infrastructure costs by 40%.


  • Java and Java EE (including JSP, servlet, EJB, JSF)


  • Spring (including Spring Boot, AOP, Data)

  • Hibernate

  • Restful web services and SOAP web services

  • JavaScript and Angular framework

  • AWS cloud services (including CloudFormation, API Gateway, Lambda, CloudFront)

  • IBM FileNet platform and Case Manager

  • Ember.js

  • Git

  • Maven

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