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Full Stack Developer


Here's who I am & what I do

With 10+ years of experience, Ricardo is a skilled Full-Stack Developer adept in Python, Django, ReactJS, MySQL, Docker, and RabbitMQ. He excels in fintech, SaaS, and Node.js API integration.

Ricardo is a skilled Full-Stack Developer with over 10 years of experience in building web and mobile applications. With expertise in backend development using Python, Django, MySQL, Docker and RabbitMQ, and front-end development using ReactJS, he has a strong technical foundation. Additionally, his experience in fintech, SaaS products, and API integration through Node.js showcases his ability to develop solutions to complex business challenges. Ricardo is a collaborative team player with excellent debugging and testing skills, always striving to implement enhanced features and ensure top-notch performance.



  • As an excellent backend developer, he successfully developed new integrations with payment providers while also maintaining the existing integrations. He utilized his proficiency in Python, Django, MySQL, Docker and RabbitMQ to ensure seamless and efficient payment processing.

  • Proficient at integrating different APIs, he was an integral part of an agile team focused on developing fintech solutions. He excelled in microservices development and API integration, leveraging his skills in Node.js to create robust and efficient systems.

  • Experienced in fast-paced and collaborative startup environments, contributed to developing a web application and a mobile app, demonstrating expertise in coding, debugging, testing, and implementing enhanced features.

  • Skilled at developing SaaS products. In fact, he was in charge of creating and maintaining software as a service (SaaS) products, specifically email marketing software. His contributions to the project led to success and growth, as he provided high-quality and efficient email marketing tools.


  • Backend

  • Frontend


  • ReactJS

  • Node.js

  • TypeScript

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • JavaScript

  • MongoDB

  • MySQL

  • RabbitMQ

  • AWS (Lambda, S3, Cognito)

  • Ruby

  • React Native

  • PHP

  • Django

  • Docker

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