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IOS Engineer


Here's who I am & what I do

Mohammed has 5 years of experience in developing mobile app with deep expertise in Swift/Objective-C programming languages. He's a strong problem solver and skilled in making strategic technical decisions.

Mohammed is an experienced mobile app developer with over 5 years of experience working with international teams. With deep expertise in Swift/Objective-C programming languages, he has a proven track record in complex mobile application development. Mohammed is also a strong problem solver and skilled in working with cross-functional teams, making strategic technical decisions that drive projects forward.



  • Managed digital optimization, performance, and analytics. In a similar case, he worked on optimizing the performance of the Vodafone Core App to improve user experience and reduce load times.

  • Skilled at planning and organizing effectively new features. He was responsible for managing the team's workflow at Krush Brands by road mapping upcoming features and prioritizing development tasks.

  • Expert at technical project management, having successfully managed the technical activities of an Egyptian startup in physical access management. He coordinated development efforts with product managers to meet user needs and ensure quality assurance through product testing.

  • With expertise in app development, he successfully developed a payment method app specifically for Brazilian credit cardholders, overseeing the entire process from conception to launch. Based on extensive market research, he created a user-friendly interface tailored to users' needs.


  • iOS Development 

  • Mobile Release Operations

  •  Agile Methodologies with CI/CD 

  • Bluetooth and NFC Core APIs 

  • Payment Integration 

  • Analytics and Tealium IQ 

  • Unit Testing and UI Testing 

  • Swift and SwiftUI.


  • iOS, Swift

  • CoreData, Realm, 

  • CoreBluetooth

  •  Git, Git Flow

  •  Firebase, CI/CD, Localization, Payment

  • REST(web service)

  • Analytics, Tealium IQ

  • Unit Testing, and UI Testing, Swift UI

  • TCA.

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