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Software Release Manager / Software Engineer Specialist


Here's who I am & what I do

Resourceful Full Stack Software Engineer with 9+ years' experience. Expertise in CI/CD, DevOps, API management, and more. Results-oriented.

Maherzia is a highly motivated, determined and resourceful experienced Software engineer Specialist with 9 years of working in the information system domain life cycle (Full stack development, CI/CD, DevOps Engineering, Test & Validation, API management, Software Technical Support). She is a results-oriented business professional with proven abilities since 2018 on software release management anticipating issues and risks. Child-level curiosity with strong product sense and solid interpersonal skills. Software release/delivery management, DevOps and Cloud are my current/next career chapter orientation.


  • Exceptional communication and leadership skills demonstrated through leading daily stand-ups for a cross-functional team of 10 developers, testers, and designers working on a mobile app. She ensured that everyone was aligned and focused on project goals by effectively communicating and managing team dynamics.

  • Demonstrates outstanding Product Backlog Management skills through collaborative work with product owners, stakeholders, and development teams. She successfully prioritized and refined the product backlog, resulting in alignment with project goals and business objectives.

  • Possesses a passion for continuous improvement and a high degree of skill in driving ongoing process optimization. She led retrospectives for a software development project, identified areas for improvement, and implemented changes that resulted in a 20% increase in sprint velocity.

  • As an Agile practitioner with extensive knowledge and experience, she was able to effectively mentor and coach team members on Agile methodologies. She provided coaching on best practices for Scrum, Kanban, and Lean practices, resulting in improved team performance and outcome



  • Scrum master


  • Scrum Master

  • Technical Coach

  • Software application lifecycle

  • ETL (Talend) Development

  • Front End Development (AngularJS)

  • Web based application development

  • Software Release Management

  • DevOps (automation, scripting, docker,

  • ansible, docker-compose, k8s, AKS,

  • azure cloud) engineering

  • CI/CD (Bamboo, Jenkins) setup

  • Java Core Development)

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