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Full Stack Developer


Here's who I am & what I do

Meet Bilal, a Senior Full Stack Developer with 8+ years of experience. Bilal specializes in .Net and React as well as designing and developing scalable software solutions.

Meet Bilal, a Senior Full Stack Developer with over 8 years of experience designing and developing collaborative solutions using various Microsoft Technologies. Bilal has a strong knowledge of the Software Life Cycle process and development methodologies, which has made him an expert in building windows and web-based solutions. He specializes in .Net and React and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, scalable, and robust software solutions. With his experience and expertise, Bilal is a valuable asset to any team looking to build collaborative and efficient software solutions.



  • Skilled in full stack web development using .Net Core, C#, React, TypeScript, Entity Framework, and SQL Server. For example, at, he developed a content management system and ecommerce platforms using these technologies.

  • Experienced in spearheading both backend and frontend development of several large features from beginning to completion, such as admin order listing/edit pages. He also implemented third-party integrations and conducted code reviews for other team developers at

  • Proficient in writing solution documentations for end users. For instance, as a .Net Developer at the Administration of Defense, he developed intern management solutions using .Net MVC, C#, JavaScript, Entity Framework, and SQL Server while also writing solution documentations for end users.

  • Knowledgeable in software development methodologies and software life cycle processes. He has a strong expertise in building windows and web-based solutions with knowledge in MVC, MVVM, TDD, CQRS, and Mediator.

  • Skilled in utilizing various tools for project management and version control, such as Scrum, GIT, Jira, Source Tree, and Azure DEVOPS. He also has experience with testing frameworks like MSTEST and Cypress.


  • .Net / React


  • .Net Core, React, C#, Typescript, SQL Server, Entity Framework

  • Scrum, GIT, Jira, Source Tree

  • Azure DEVOPS

  • MSTEST, Cypress

  • MVC, MVVM, TDD, CQRS, Mediator

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