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Technical BC Consultant


Here's who I am & what I do

Skilled Technical BC Consultant with 16 years' ERP experience. Expert in C/AL, AL, .NET, C#, Java, and more. Successfully integrated and upgraded databases.

Ayoub is a highly skilled Technical BC Consultant with 16 years  in various programming languages and environments. This includes C/AL, AL, C/C++, QT, Boost, OpenCV, .NET, C#, Java Swing, and Access. With extensive experience in ERP software development, testing, and maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central, He has successfully integrated, migrated, and upgraded databases, as well as communicated with web services/APIs.


  • Experienced in C/AL and AL development for ERP software, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central. In fact, he developed logistics software solutions for Young & Partners Company and implemented algorithms for video sequence detection using C/C++, QT, Boost, and OpenCV for Electronic and Microelectronics lab in Monastir

  • Skilled at integrating, migrating, and upgrading databases and webservices/API communication. He successfully upgraded SQL databases using SQL Server Management Studio, and communicated with webservices/APIs. Also he developed and tested C/AL and AL for ERP Dynamics NAV V6 to V17 Wave2 during the project.

  • Skilled in Microsoft Visual Studio Code and various programming languages, including .Net and C#. Developed a restaurant application for T-One using C#, MySQL, and WPF during a working training program. Also proficient in developing desktop applications using Java Swing, Access, and other tools, including Man-Machine Interface and image processing as a Senior Technician.

  • Skilled in creating technical documentation and providing solution building and functional testing for ERP software. Provided technical documentation and developed components for scientific


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central

  • C/AL and AL development


  • SQL Server Management Studio

  • .NET Framework

  • C#

  • Java Swing

  • MySQL

  • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

  • Visual Studio Code

  • C/C++

  • QT

  • Boost

  • OpenCV

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