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Business Consultant


Here's who I am & what I do

Amine is a skilled business consultant with 12 years of experience in diverse digital projects. He's managed the delivery of over 100 projects, scaled teams, and organized deliveries around several tech stacks.

Amine is the business consultant you've been looking for. With 12 years of experience in diverse digital projects, Amine founded a web agency that created successful strategies, boosted sales, and managed the delivery of over 100 projects of varying sizes. He's also skilled at scaling teams from 3 to 30 members with customers around the world. Currently, Amine manages projects, creates schedules, leads teams, and organizes deliveries around several tech stacks, including Web, Mobile, and CRM.



  • Provided strategic guidance to optimize clients' business operations and reduce costs. He led successful completion of 15 eCommerce projects, improving delivery efficiency by 25% through process optimization.

  • Successfully led complex projects, delivering 100+ web/eCommerce solutions and 40+ mobile apps, exceeding client expectations. Implemented project management tools to improve agility.

  • Led agile adoption with a 12-member team, managed backlogs, put in place 3-week sprints, and verified usage of healthcare solutions with professionals.

  • Designed and implemented 10 healthcare and patient management modules, adapted the Team Foundation Server template to 100% Agile, and developed a bed occupation module with a Drag&Drop feature that grew adoption by 100%.


  • Business analyst 

  • Project management 


  • Salesforce platform and its components 

  • Points and clicks using the Salesforce platform and workflow/automation capabilities 

  • JIRA

  • Zoho Project 

  • Microsoft .NET development 

  • Team Foundation Server (TFS) 

  • Agile custom-made template 

  • Freedcamp 

  • Trailhead account (Salesforce learning platform)

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