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Senior Data Engineer

Luiz is a highly skilled data engineer and project manager with 16 years of experience and an expertise in audits and compliance, he ensures secure systems that meet certifications. His proficiency in integrating with Cloud Service Providers guarantees efficient configurations. Luiz's strong background in ELT/ETL processes drives data processing speed. He successfully managed a $2M project implementing DataVault 2.0. With Python, he automates data extraction and excels in project management. Luiz optimizes processes and drives seamless system integration.

  • Expertly implemented and documented requirement audits, ensuring compliance with specific certifications and delivering high-quality data engineering solutions. This ensured  that all necessary criteria were met, guaranteeing a secure and reliable system.

  • Demonstrating proficiency in configuring and integrating with various Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) using tools like Steampipe. This meticulous approach ensures that the client's configurations on CSPs cover the requirements of specific audit certifications, allowing for smooth and efficient access to essential configurations.

  • Proving track record of designing and leading the implementation of ELT/ETL processes. In fact, he led and designed end-to-end solutions from ELT/ETL pipelines on tech projects for business client solutions resulting in a significant threefold improvement in data processing speed compared to previous systems. This achievement demonstrates a keen understanding of data management and the ability to optimize processes effectively.

  • Successfully managing a $2 million project to implement DataVault 2.0 on DataStage over IBM Integrated Analytics System. This project enhanced the organization's data management capabilities, showcasing the ability to handle complex projects and deliver successful outcomes.

  • Expert in harnessing the immense power of Python. Specifically, developing dynamic Python programs to automate data extraction from FTP servers. This automation enables timely and accurate information retrieval from providers, demonstrating a proactive and efficient approach to data handling.

  • Leading the implementation of a web/mobile project for a business scheduler on Salesforce, resulting in streamlined sales processes and improved productivity. This achievement highlights strong project management skills and the ability to leverage technology to drive organizational growth.

  • Being recognized for optimizing accounting closing processes, reducing the time required from 8 hours to 2 hours. This optimization improves efficiency and accuracy, showcasing a strong problem-solving mindset and commitment to process improvement.

  • Proactively driving migration projects, optimizing processes, and ensuring seamless integration of new systems for financial platforms. This approach highlights a focus on QA, ensuring that systems are well-integrated and meet the organization's needs effectively.

He optimizes processes and drives seamless system integration. He successfully managed a $2M project.

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