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Senior Data Engineer

Juan is a skilled data engineer with 8 years of extensive experience specializing in AWS Glue, S3 storage, and Pyspark. He has expertise in Snowflake and Google Cloud Platform, delivering robust data solutions. With certifications in Python, he applies survival analysis techniques and excels in query development and data analysis. Juan ensures optimal data storage and retrieval for business intelligence needs, overcoming challenges and achieving remarkable efficiency gains.

  • possess specialized knowledge in implementing and optimizing data pipelines in AWS. His proficiency lies in designing and optimizing AWS Glue pipelines, harnessing the potential of S3 storage, and implementing cutting-edge optimizations using Pyspark.

  • With finesse, I craft and execute robust ETL architectures. In fact, he is skilled in  a range of industry-leading tools. Also, he is well-versed in Azure Data Factory, Databricks, AWS Glue (Certified), and Google Cloud Dataflow (Certified), ensuring flawless data extraction, transformation, and loading.

  • Excels in working with diverse data repositories, including the esteemed Snowflake (Certified) and Google Cloud Platform (Certified). In Snowflake, His expertise shines as he implements DataMarts, utilizes advanced SQL querying techniques, and develops highly efficient stored procedures.

  • Holds certifications in Python, showcasing his mastery in leveraging this versatile language. He has applied survival analysis techniques to predict Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) using both R and Python. Additionally, his skills encompass Pyspark, Scala, and Power Center, enabling him to provide seamless query development and insightful data analysis across various distributed systems.

  • He possesses a strong understanding of data warehouse concepts, consistently delivering robust data solutions in cloud data warehouses, with a focus on Snowflake. By leveraging his expertise, you can ensure optimal data storage and retrieval for your business intelligence needs.

  • His toolkit includes advanced business intelligence analysis and data science techniques. He has a proven track record of overcoming performance bottlenecks and resolving complex data integration challenges. By employing operational KPIs and crafting interactive dashboards, he has achieved remarkable efficiency gains of 25%. Moreover, his process design, automation, and integration of commercial operations have led to a remarkable 40% reduction in process time.

Tech Skills 



Power Center



Google Cloud Dataflow

Azure Data Factory


AWS Glue

AWS Glue pipelines

Juan is a skilled data engineer with 8 years of extensive experience specializing in AWS Glue, S3 storage, and Pyspark.

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