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Senior Data Engineer

Calebe is a highly skilled Data engineer with 6 years of experience and a strong expertise in scalable CI/CD infrastructure design and implementation. He has a strong background in architecting data solutions for high-profile companies, driving data-driven insights and decision-making. Calebe excels in integrating modern technologies like Kubernetes and Apache Kafka, ensuring efficient data flow for critical operations. Additionally, he is proficient in cloud-based technologies, machine learning, and leading development teams. His diverse skill set makes him a valuable asset for organizations seeking efficient and reliable data solutions.

  • Proficiency in designing and implementing scalable CI/CD infrastructure. Specifically, he showed expertise in utilizing  tools like Helmfile, Terraform, and GitHub Actions. As a result, this streamlined and automated software deployment processes, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

  • Extensive experience in architecting and building data lakes, dashboards, and data pipelines for multiple high-profile companies, including B3, Carrefour, and Volkswagen, driving data-driven insights and decision-making at enterprise level.

  • Skilled at developing and maintaining real-time data pipelines. Throughout his career, he provided expertise in connecting modern and scalable technologies like Kubernetes and Apache Kafka and Confluent KSQL to address challenges of the modern internet. This ensured efficient and reliable data flow for critical business operations. Added to that, he showed proficiency in using both Oracle and integration with mongodb which changed streams to produce data into Apache Kafka. Moreover, his skilled utilization of Redis ensured a smooth and uninterrupted data flow throughout the organization. 

  • Strong expertise in cloud-based technologies, particularly AWS  including S3, Glue, Athena, and Redshift. In fact, he Integrated the data pipeline AWS Cognito authentication log and Skillfully utilized various technologies such as S3, GLUE, Athena, Redshift for the Integration with AWS tech. This led to an efficient data processing, storage, and analysis, while driving cost-effective and scalable data solutions.

  • Proficient in implementing machine learning models for predictive analytics, utilizing deep learning techniques, Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), and LSTM models. This empowered the organization to make data-driven decisions and optimize business processes.

  • Skilled in working with big data technologies, such as Apache Druid and Apache Nifi, to process and analyze large volumes of data. As an example, He Deployed a historical databases using Apache Druid which provided  real-time insights and enabled data-driven decision-making, facilitating proactive and informed actions.

  • Proven ability to lead and coordinate development teams, providing technical guidance and support. This fosters efficient collaboration and high-quality software development outcomes, ensuring successful project deliveries.

He excels in integrating modern technologies ensuring efficient data flow for critical operations.

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