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Data Scientist


Here's who I am & what I do

Bilel is a Senior Data Scientist with 5+ years of experience in Python and R, advanced data analysis, and machine learning. He excels in developing and implementing innovative deep learning algorithms that unlock insights from complex data sets. Bilel is a technical and creative team player.

ilel is an accomplished Senior Data Scientist with over 5 years of experience leveraging advanced data analysis and machine learning techniques to drive business value. His deep passion for data science and proficiency in Python and R enable him to deliver exceptional results. Bilel is particularly adept at developing and implementing innovative deep learning algorithms that unlock insights from complex data sets. He possesses strong technical and creative skills, which coupled with his exceptional interpersonal skills, make him an asset in team environments. Bilel consistently delivers successful project outcomes, and his ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner ensures that stakeholders remain informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.


  • Highly skilled in data analysis using Python and SQL, with experience in creating predictive models for customer churn, as demonstrated in the "Customer Churn Prediction" project.

  • Proficient in machine learning techniques such as decision trees and logistic regression, as showcased in the "Loan Approval Prediction" project, which involved building a model to predict whether a loan application would be approved or not.

  • Experienced in data visualization using tools such as Tableau and matplotlib, with the ability to create informative and visually appealing dashboards, as evidenced in the "Sales Dashboard" project.

  • Skilled in data cleaning and preprocessing techniques, as demonstrated in the "Fraud Detection" project, which involved cleaning and preprocessing a large dataset to build a model for detecting fraudulent transactions.

  • Capable of working with large datasets and utilizing distributed computing tools such as Apache Spark, as shown in the "Web Traffic Analysis" project, which involved analyzing web traffic data from a large website using Apache Spark.


  • Data Science 


  • Python

  • Scikit-Learn

  •  Pandas,

  • Numpy

  • Sklearn

  •  PyTorch

  • tensorFlow

  • Keras,

  • SQL, R

  • Matlab

  • SAS

  • Power B

  • Tableau

  • Excel


  • Eviews

  • SPAD

  • Demetra+

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