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9 yrs

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Senior SRE/DevOps/Cloud Engineer

Redhouane is a highly skilled and experienced DevOps Engineer with over 9 years of experience in designing and implementing scalable, secure, and highly available cloud infrastructures. With a deep understanding of various DevOps methodologies and tools, he has successfully led and managed complex projects in various industries. His expertise includes cloud architecture, automation, continuous integration and delivery, infrastructure as code, and monitoring. Redhouane is a proactive problem-solver who is always eager to take on new challenges and strives to deliver exceptional results.


  • Demonstrated proficiency in designing and deploying cloud-based infrastructure using AWS, including EC2 instances, S3 buckets, and RDS databases. Successfully implemented and managed a microservices architecture using Kubernetes and Docker to support a high-traffic web application.

  • Proven ability to automate infrastructure provisioning and configuration using tools like Terraform, Ansible, and Jenkins. Created an automated CI/CD pipeline for a web application using Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes, resulting in a 50% reduction in deployment time and increased application uptime.

  • Highly skilled at designing and implementing efficient CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps. For example, he successfully demonstrated expertise in automating the deployment process of a web application for a client using Azure DevOps.

  • Proficient in managing and deploying cloud infrastructure using Azure Resource Manager. As such, he demonstrated expertise in designing and deploying highly available and scalable web applications on Azure using Azure Resource Manager templates.


  • DevOps


  • Python, Spring Boot, Ansible

  • Git, Microservices, Kubernetes, 

  • Gitlab CI/CD, Nexus, 

  • SonarQube, Azure Functions, Azure API Management, 

  • Azure AD B2C, Azure Monitor, 

  • CAF Terraform, 

  • PostgreSQL,

  • Node.js, React.js, Azure AKS

  • Kubernetes, Docker, Argo CD

  • Azure Monitor, ELK, Filebeat

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